Thinking into the present with social media

My last year at school coincided with an Olympics and one of the maths masters was chosen to represent England at hockey.

Having at that stage achieved three maths ‘A’ levels, I was asked to stand in for him.

I remember teaching two forms in particular. One was a fifth form for those who were unlikely to progress to A levels and certainly not to university. They tended to be less well behaved.

We got on really well. They tried various tricks on me but I entered into the spirit and they responded positively.

Another form was the top stream of the fourth year. Younger and more intelligent.

At this stage the school was introducing what was called ‘the new maths’ which, if I remember correctly, included such things as ‘sets’.

These young boys were not inspired by this. “Why” they asked, “do we need to learn this? Our parents did not.” I was amazed at this reactionary approach by these bright young things. I didn’t expect 14 year olds to justify learning on the basis of what had been good enough for their parents.

These pupils will in many cases now be captains of industry, business leaders or senior public servants at the top of their careers. Such arguments do not hold anymore.

Even things that were done ten years ago can now be out of date and if we are to succeed we need to embrace whole new concepts.

One of these is social media marketing. What a gift to entrepreneurs and sole traders. The Internet has allowed us to behave as international corporations and Brefi Group has succeeded here. But we started ten years ago and have the benefit of a grounding in information technology.

Now, with social media, the cards are even more in favour of individuals. without any need for computing skills.

I am currently committed to the launch of The Directors’Academy and have been taken back in time to my school maths teaching experience, where I have once again had to argue for the benefits of a new approach to learning and its delivery.

All this new technology takes is time. Cost is minimal. Any one can be a leader. If you want to make an impact, whether it be global or local, just start writing, recording and videoing.