Corporate governance reporting – major change is on the way

The 2017 Building Public Trust Award for Corporate Governance Reporting showed there is some very good governance reporting in the FTSE 350, but it also confirmed that there is a relatively small group of companies that are consistently ahead of the pack – and not all of them FTSE 100 companies, it should be noted. However, there are still too many very similar looking governance reports where much of the content could apply to any company.

What the really good reporters have been doing for a number of years is to shift the focus of their reporting away from just describing the governance processes and procedures. Instead their priority is to show how those processes and procedures have been applied. So, for instance, if there has been a major corporate development in the year – like M&A activity or changes to strategy – the governance report gives an insight into how the board and its committees were involved. Good ways to do this include case studies or the chair’s introduction to the governance report. The governance process can also be discussed alongside the disclosures of the event itself, with appropriate cross-referencing from the governance report. The key is to show what outcomes were achieved through the governance processes and, therefore, what value they added.


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