Stories and Quotations

Stories from a Corporate Coach

Stories from a Corporate Coach is a collection of 100 stories and more than 100 inspiring quotations designed to be used in a teaching context. They have been collected by author Richard Winfield during his career as a consultant, coach and facilitator. He has made them short so that you can easily adopt them and drop them into a talk or a coaching session; and has deliberately not explained their meaning.

Some of them you will have come across before in different forms. As a story teller you can adapt and develop them as you wish.

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Sample stories

Stone soup

The blue tit and the milk bottle

The hundredth monkey

Something we can learn from geese

The Mexican fisherman

The dragon killers

Good luck, bad luck

Gandhi and sugar

Shake it off and step up

Rocks and the meaning of life

Two frogs in cream

The daffodil principle

Hot air balloon story

A (mis)guided visualisation

Failures as learning

Monkeys learn, monkeys teach 

Archive Access members only

A brother like that

A guided visualisation

A fable of unburdening

Alice and Cheshire Cat 

Alligator river

Amazing maze story

Animal picture book

Ask the tea lady 

Bamboo story (1)

Bamboo story (2)

Basic training

Blind golfers 

Broken windows theory

Christopher Wren's redundant columns

Cooking a ham

Could there be fish in your dreams? 

David and Goliath

Elephant in the rock

Financial planning

Finding common ground

Finding the treasure within

Following the rules to the letter

How rich are we?

How to avoid stress

Inspiring story of creative generosity

I am now a consultant

Is the Universe friendly?

Jack Sprat and his wife - sharing stories

Knowing where to tap

Learning to let go

Lexus customer service

Life is what you make it

Long spoons

Michelangelo's David

Peter's Laws

Pavlov's dogs

Probability theory

Putting things into perspective

Rattle snakes or gophers

Self appraisal

Sharpen your axe

Socrates and the story of the donkey

Speak to us of children

Speak to us of work

Speak to us of teaching

Story of the man in the flood

Story of the runaway horse

Story of two firemen

Story of two travellers

Strive for balance in life

Stuck in a hole

Tethered elephants

The boy who cried wolf

The butterfly garden

The butterfly's struggle

The country of the blind

The cow in the ditch

The frog in hot water

The great corporate regatta

The hungry perch experiment

The janitor at NASA

The lighthouse and the naval vessel

The marshmallow test

The miser

The NASA space pen

The parable of the porpoise

The parable of the talents

The power of a limiting belief

The power of goal setting

The quarrelling couple

The sower and the seed

The successful frog

The sun and the wind

The therapy business

The tortoise and the hare

The wise counsellor

Think carefully before you ask

This, too, will pass

Three blind men and an elephant

Three coaches on a train

Three masons

Two fish in the sea

Two monks and a damsel

Two wolves fighting

Ways to kill a good idea

What did you see?

What is talent?

Why are you looking there?