The Essential Directorship Masterclass

"Achieving Excellence at Board Level"

The Essential Directorship Masterclass is a 30+ module multi-media programme covering the skills, attitudes and knowledge required to provide you with the comprehensive foundation needed to become a successful and effective director.

Study the programme in your own time and then refer to individual modules when when you need to revise your knowledge or prepare for a particular event.

Comprehensive workbook

1. Why become a director?

2. Company directors and the functions of a board

3. Before you become a director

4. Corporate governance and the role of the board

5. Company finance

6. Roles and responsibilities of directors

7. The non-executive director

8. The transition phase

9. Practical challenges

10. Behaviours

11. Effective meetings

12. Performance measures

13. Strategic thinking

14. Business planning, risk analysis and mitigation

15. Effective communication with stakeholders

16. About the Brefi Group​

Personal introduction from Richard Winfield - Founder of the Brefi Group