Repeated actions create character

When I met Deepak Chopra some years ago he told us about happiness. Apparently, we are programmed to naturally complain, or to see opportunities.

50% of this programming is determined in the first three years of life, though it can be changed with time and application.

The other 50% is more directly under our own control. It depends on our conditions for living – do we have enough, or, rather, do we believe that we have enough?

What voluntary choices do we make; how do we obtain personal pleasure; how do we achieve meaning and fulfilment; what is our purpose; how do we express our creativity?

He suggested that we could increase our sense of community by attending organised events, connecting with people with shared passions and volunteering for four hours a week.

Later I listened to a Buddhist talking about karma. We create our own karma, he said. An act can become a habit. Habit can form character and character influences destiny.

So, start with small changes …