DIAC Code of (mis)Conduct

We are taught that the unconscious mind can only handle positive instructions.

If you tell someone what not to do, the mind hears an instruction to do it.

However, not everyone understands this and it is very tempting to lay down the law by telling people all the things they cannot do.

The classic joke is “Do not deface this notice”.

On one of my many visits to Dubai I noticed this “Code of Conduct” for students at the Dubai International Academic City, and Knowledge Village.

What do you think?

  • No inappropriate physical contact between males and females
  • Inappropriate dress for males and females is prohibited
  • No fighting, assault or any acts of violence
  • No harassing, threatening, bullying or intimidating others
  • No possessing, using or distributing illegal substances
  • No smoking in undesignated areas
  • No possessing of firearms, explosives or weapons
  • No gambling
  • No raising false alarms
  • No setting fires
  • No ball games in undesignated areas on campus

Seems more like a Code of Misconduct to me.

How would you re-word it?

How many examples do you notice of just this approach to influence?

Do you focus on correcting the language of people whom you manage?