Coaching on a Credit Card®

The power of coaching: with just the right word at
just the right time, you can change somebody's life

Effective coaches are sensitive to signals that people give out; they can spot repeating patterns, limiting beliefs and vague language that reveal a need for change.

If you just master a few simple powerful processes and learn to think like a coach, you will be able to guide yourself and others through problem issues and develop self-confidence and self-esteem.

One universal question and six trigger responses carried in your pocket - all you need on a credit card!


"My mind was blown when I realised the difference between teaching and coaching. And then when I started to address the process of meetings with questions (rather than providing solutions), my communication and relationships improved."

"You taught me a lot more than I probably gave you credit for at the time. Maybe I wasn't even fully aware of it at the time."

"The program is a fantastic tool to leapfrog self, business and relationships manifold in a short duration of time. A true, life skill learning. An extremely useful program for people at leadership and sales positions."

"It has been excellent. The passion and commitment shown by the trainers is just great. The content of the course also has been practical. Great coaching by great people."

"It is a must for someone who is willing to improve. A very good foundational experience, good for even those who are not going to take up coaching as a career and good self learning tool."

"I enjoyed learning to be a coach and it not only helps others perform better but myself too!"

"If you are even remotely thinking of going into "coaching", call these guys!"