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Author: Richard Winfield

Paperback 186 pages

Price: £14.99 incl p&p

The AIM Directors Handbook

Is the Alternative Investment Market (AIM) for you?

The Alternative Investment Market (AIM) exists to enable small and medium-sized companies to raise external finance from capital markets but within a simplified regulatory environment. If you are ready to grow your business, it might be for you.

The AIM Directors Handbook provides an introduction to AIM and the process of application to help you decide whether it is right for you. It also covers directors' roles and responsibilities, board processes, corporate governance and strategy to support you in achieving the enhanced levels of performance and compliance that will be expected of you as a director of a quoted public company.

Whether you are already a director of an AIM listed company, a private company considering an AIM flotation, or even a company with a full listing on the London Stock Exchange, a thorough understanding of effective behaviours and good practice will enable you to achieve the level of performance required, and make a positive contribution to the companies you serve.

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