Books for Directors and Aspiring Directors

Books continue to be the most popular way of learning. Brefi Press specialises in comprehensive and easy access books for directors and boards. When you buy from The Directors Academy you immediately receive a link to a download version and in some cases, also an audio version. Books are then despatched post free (including internationally) by UK Royal Mail.

The Directors Handbook series

​This series of books, based around the very popular New Directors Handbook, provides specialist chapters for new directors, non-executive directors and directors interested in the Alternative Investment Market (AIM). 

essential Checklists for Directors and Boards​ is a companion to the Directors Handbooks.

Each of these books is available post free from The Directors Academy or from Amazon.

The CPD Guides series are supplied in text and audio form as part of the CPD for Directors subscription programme. They can be purchased individually from Amazon.​

Author: Richard Winfield

Paperback 170 pages

Price: £14.99 incl p&p

The New Directors Handbook

The New Directors Handbook introduces you to the roles, responsibilities and risks you should be aware of as a director, as well as providing you with some tools to help you in your career.

It has grown out of many years' experience working directly with new directors and existing boards from around the world.

In this practical guide you find:

  • Everything you need to do as a director
  • How to run an effective meeting
  • How to understand finance and accounts
  • Strategy planning and decision  making techniques
  • The difference between limited liability and director liability
  • How to protect yourself in case things go wrong​

Author: Richard Winfield

Paperback 192 pages

Price: £14.99 incl p&p

The NED Directors Handbook

Obtaining an non-executive directorship can be a valuable objective in furthering your career -- either as a stepping stone to an executive role on your main board or in building a portfolio of activities based on your expertise, experience and network.

The NED Directors Handbook will help you achieve this goal. It explains how to develop a plan to get yourself noticed, how to exercise due diligence and how to decide whether a particular opportunity is right for you.

In this practical guide you find:

  • ​The roles, responsibilities and risks of being a director
  • How to develop a plan to get noticed and attract your first offer
  • ​How to exercise due diligence and decide whether this opportunity is right for you
  • What is involved in the transition to a director role

Author: Richard Winfield

Paperback 186 pages

Price: £14.99 incl p&p

The AIM Directors Handbook

Is the Alternative Investment Market (AIM) for you?

The Alternative Investment Market (AIM) exists to enable small and medium-sized companies to raise external finance from capital markets but within a simplified regulatory environment. If you are ready to grow your business, it might be for you.

The AIM Directors Handbook provides an introduction to AIM and the process of application to help you decide whether it is right for you. It also covers directors' roles and responsibilities, board processes, corporate governance and strategy to support you in achieving the enhanced levels of performance and compliance that will be expected of you as a director of a quoted public company.

Whether you are already a director of an AIM listed company, a private company considering an AIM flotation, or even a company with a full listing on the London Stock Exchange, a thorough understanding of effective behaviours and good practice will enable you to achieve the level of performance required, and make a positive contribution to the companies you serve.

essential Checklists for Directors and Boards

These checklists have been compiled as a handy guide to assist you in your performance as a company director.

Very well received by our clients, essential Checklists for Directors and Boards is a natural companion to The New Directors Handbook. 

A total of fifteen sets of checklists together with quick check reviews of director and board performance.

Author: Richard Winfield

Paperback 30 pages

Price: £9.95 incl p&p

CPD Guides for Directors

The CPD Guides series are supplied in text and audio form as part of the CPD for Directors subscription programme. They can be purchased individually from Amazon, price £9.95.

CPD Guide to Becoming a Director

CPD Guide to Roles & Responsibilities of Directors

CPD Guide to Corporate Governance

CPD Guide to Running Effective Meetings

CPD Guide to Building Your Own Support Network

CPD Guide to Networking as a Director

Stories from a Corporate Coach

Every speaker, trainer and coach needs a fund of stories

​Stories from a Corporate Coach is a collection of 102 stories and more than 100 inspiring quotations designed to be used in a teaching context. They are generally short so that you can easily adopt them and drop them into a talk or a coaching session. They are for you to use as you wish.

Some of them you will have come across before in different forms. As a story teller, you can adapt and develop them as you wish. 

Author: Richard Winfield

Paperback 223 pages

Price: £11.95 incl p&p

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