Welcome to The Directors Academy

Let me introduce myself …

I am Richard Winfield, founder of Brefi Group and a dedicated life long learner.

I have more than 30 years experience as a management development consultant, much of it working internationally at board level.

During that time I have been helping directors and boards become more effective by clarifying goals, improving communication and applying good corporate governance.

My skill and contribution is to be able to bring structure and clarity to ideas, concepts and processes, making the complex simple.

Why I can help you now

During my long career I’ve accumulate more than 600 training files on my hard drive, and with each client commission I develop and refine them further.

Now, I’m converting my knowledge and experience into products that anyone can use, anywhere at any time.

How you can benefit

All you have to do is to sign up with The Directors’ Academy and you can download many of these resources for immediate access: personal and professional development, coaching, HR, training needs analysis – some at no immediate cost.

Subscribe to one of our membership plans and you can follow a valuable programme designed to continuously develop your awareness of current issues and further develop your knowledge and skills.

I recognise that for a busy executive like you keeping up to date can be a chore if it requires setting aside extensive special study times. And it can be counter-productive to try to absorb too much information all at once.

That’s why The Directors’ Academy has been designed in chunks of no more than 20 minutes – it can be consumed while you take a coffee break or listen in the car or on the train. And with audio, visual and print components, it appeals to all learning styles.

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