Welcome to the Brefi Group

Brefi Group operates internationally, providing an integrated package of strategy consultancy, facilitation, coaching and training

First, let me tell you something about us. Brefi Group is a change management development organisation providing an integrated package of strategy consultancy, facilitation, executive coaching and training, designed to improve corporate performance. Our focus is on individual and team development using the most appropriate methods. We specialise in helping clients bring structure and clarity to their thinking.

We provide one to one executive coaching, facilitated workshops and residential integrated programmes. We have delivered management and director development workshops for organisations in the USA, UK, Middle East, Africa and Europe, as well as managing long term corporate management development programmes. We also teach managers to coach.

Clients have included blue chip companies, smaller companies, public sector and third sector.

We have also worked for many smaller organisations and charities that you might not have heard of. We offer special rates for charities and social enterprises.

We normally work with small, intimate teams but have also organised events for large numbers. We vary our approach to suit the size of the group.

We specialise in developing and delivering bespoke programmes in-house. This means that delegates get experience that is directly relevant both to their needs and to the context of their work. Learning together also means that there are team building and corporate benefits from a critical mass of managers or directors sharing the same experience and learning the same processes, models and language.

Our programmes are interactive and combine behavioural psychology, executive coaching and management consultancy processes.

Brefi Group was established in 1983, since when the company has developed a rich resource of learning materials, including many that are available on its web site.

Brefi Group has two specialist divisions focusing on director development and coach training.

​The Director Development Centre

Brefi Group founder, Richard Winfield, heads a specialist division of Brefi Group, The Director Development Centre, which focuses not only on director development but also on board performance evaluation and director appraisal, based on the Corporate Governance Code.

Contact us about board effectiveness reviews, corporate retreats, training workshops and director training programmes.

Coaching and coach training

Brefi Group has dedicated programmes for helping managers improve their leadership style through coaching and mentoring training and for individuals who wish to train as a professional coach.

A coaching approach is a valuable management skill in today's dynamic environment in which a manager's key responsibility is to help others to be more effective.

Brefi Group's proprietary programme, 'Invisible Coaching® – the art of natural coaching', is a series of three workshops that can be delivered in-house or by our multimodal on-line programme that addresses the challenge of helping managers to think and act like a natural coach. [More]