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Ignorance is No Excuse

That's why we provide you with courses, resources and events so you can be more confident, more effective - with less risk

"All directors should receive induction on joining the board and should regularly update and refresh their skills and knowledge." - UK Corporate Governance Code 2016

Features To Make Your Progress Easy

Small Chunks

Our resources for board directors are designed in small chunks so that you can learn over a cup of coffee or when travelling to or from work.


Our resources for directors are available as multi-media, in print, audio and video formats so that they appeal to any learning style.

Timed Delivery

The CPD for Board Directors programmes are delivered on a regular basis, so that you are reminded to learn in small chunks.

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Director Due Diligence

essential Due Diligence: The 7 things You Must Do Before Joining Any Board.
This comprehensive 20-page FREE GUIDE shows you how to avoid joining the wrong board and ensure you only take on responsibilities you are willing to accept.

Director Induction Checklist

All directors should receive induction on joining the board.
A well designed and delivered induction programme enables you to maximise your contribution to the leadership of the organisation in the shortest possible time.

10 Habits of Highly Effective Directors

What makes the difference between a mediocre director and an effective director is your behaviour. And the best way to guarantee effective behaviour is to develop good habits. Discover the 10 habits that will increase your effectiveness.

Professional Development Planner and CPD Record

This year planner and record document comes as part of your CPD for Directors subscription. It contains an introduction to CPD, self analysis and planning exercises and monthly record charts.

Checklists for Directors and Boards

These checklists have been compiled as a handy guide to assist you in your performance as a company director.

You can download a copy here or buy the real thing from Amazon.

The New Directors Handbook

"The New Directors Handbook" helps you become more confident, more effective, more quickly.

You can download three free chapters here or you can purchase a copy of your own.

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I recognise that for a busy executive like you keeping up to date can be a chore if it requires setting aside extensive special study times. And it can be counter productive to try to absorb too much information all at once.

That's why our products for directors have been designed in chunks of no more than 20 minutes - they can be consumed while you take a coffee break or listen in the car or on the train. And with audio, visual and print components, they appeal to all learning styles.


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To provide directors and boards with products, services, events and information to enable you to make your most effective and satisfying contribution to your organisation and to society.

Beliefs and Values
  • With the right leadership each and every individual has the potential to achieve more.
  • As individuals and organisations are aligned and discover their potential corporate performance improves.
  • As individuals are aligned and discover their potential, they impact positively on the wider society.

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